Special Offers

Quantum regularly offers discounts and special offers on our products. Please ask your supplier if any are available on the products you’re interested in:

Volume Related Discount (VRD)
Many of our products will offer a volume related discount for a limited period. Buy more and pay less!

Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)
Buy the specified item and get the promotional item free, for a limited period, whilst stocks last.
Sometimes the requirement is to purchase more than one of an item to get one free e.g. buy 3 get one free – B3GOF

Money Off
Limited time offers giving a fixed amount off

Percentage Off
Limited time offers giving a fixed percentage off

All special offers are for a limited period, subject to availability of product and at the discretion of the supplier. Anything bought on a special offer that needs to be returned must be done according to all usual T&Cs of purchase printed on the back on an invoice. Anything free received as a result of buying products will also have to be returned if the purchased product is returned.